His Tomorrow Is Greater

There is hidden beauty in each season of life.  In our season of waiting I am constantly reminded of God’s grace and will for our family.

We have been co-leading a small group for 18-25 years old’s called “Making God Your #1, So You’re Ready For Your #2”. Basically, how to prepare your heart for marriage. I figured God put us in a college town, so we should take advantage of the unique position we find ourselves in. It has been so wonderful! And the funny thing is, I find such encouragement from these guys. I will find myself encouraging a young lady on being patient for her future husband and I’m instantly reminded that I too have to be patient for our future family.

Last weekend, I attended my church’s annual women’s conference, reCreate. It was fantastic! Not only was it so nice to spend some time with my girlfriends in Birmingham, but boy were the messages exactly what I needed to hear. Two of the speakers Charlotte Gambill & Karol Hobbs, as well as, Natalie Grant who led worship shared about their struggles with infertility. All three of these ladies have their miracle families now and it was so incredibly encouraging to see women who have walked down the same path and made it to the other side! I am so grateful these women shared their hearts, it blessed me more than I can say.

I also recently ordered a new daily devotional book Living Life Undaunted: 365 Readings and Reflections by Christine Caine. I actually heard Christine speak at last years reCreate conference and absolutely love her. Ladies, this devotional does not disappoint! Today’s reading was right on point with what I needed to hear.

“When we enter every season of life understanding that it has been carefully designed by God as a vital step on our journey and part of our ‘all,’ we can then live each one with purpose and passion, whether we fully understand God’s plan or not…Some seasons are more enjoyable than others; some more difficult; some dry and some abundant; but all are necessary. Don’t despise the season you are in; instead step into all that God is doing in and through you during the season.”

So incredibly good! So in this season of life I will choose to not soak in sadness, but hold true to the promises God has given me. My today may not be exactly what I would have chosen, but His tomorrow for me is greater than anything I could imagine.

One thought on “His Tomorrow Is Greater

  1. It is funny ( in that “God” sort of way ) that as I have continued to pray for ya’ll and your vision for a family, I have found more lambs for you than I have ever seen. I think they are just my reminder to keep praying for his lambs just for you two are coming! Your godmomma, Trisha

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